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"PEOPLE kill each other over diamonds; countries go to war over oil. But the world's most expensive commodities are worth nothing in the absence of water. Fresh water is essential for life, with no substitute. Although mostly unpriced, it is the most valuable stuff in the world." (The Economist)

From our humble beginning in 2003, we had been doing production for coconut shell charcoal, and becoming one of the biggest supplier of activated carbon raw materials from Indonesia. With our vast knowledge and experience, we understand the importance of Coconut Shell activated carbon in the water treatment world. It is coming from green and renewable materials. That is the main reason we set-up a factory producing Coconut Shell based Activated Carbon direct from the sources to help creating a better quality water in the world.

Coconut shell based Activated Carbon has the characteristic on their massive internal surface areas along with relatively high hardness and low dust. It makes these carbons suitable for water treatment application.


Our proven experience are done by people with skills on this industry. The premises is also supported with modern laboratories facilities, ensuring the quality of our Coconut Shell Activated Carbon products.

ISO Standard

In all of our processes, we strictly follow the ISO standard guidance.


  • " Javaindo Carbon is your direct source for Coconut Shell Activated Carbon"

  • " ... They know what they are doing..."

  • " In here, every step of the activated carbon processes is carefully monitored and tested"




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