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Our Products

Javacarbon manufactures and sells a wide range of activated carbon solutions, for specific uses and applications, in these major product groups:
•    Granular activated carbon (GAC)
•    Powdered activated carbon (PAC)
•    Washed treatment activated carbon
•    Catalytic activated carbon

Product applications

Particle Size Standard

Standard Quality

Our in-house lab is fully equipped and specially designed to test activated carbon products based on worldwide approved test methods. Our laboratory test results accuracy has been extensively tested and compared by various reputed agencies around the world directly as well as through our customers and has been found excellent and consistent. Our Standard test procedures assure that products meet guidelines for product quality control,  as follow :

  • Mesh Size / Particle Size (ASTM)

  • Iodine number (ASTM D4607)

  • Particle Size Distribution (ASTM D2862)

  • Bulk / Apparent Density (ASTM D2854)

  • Ash Content (ASTM D2866)

  • Moisture Content (ASTM D2867)

  • Ballpan Hardness (ASTM D3802)

  • p H (ASTM D3838 & ASTM D6851)

  • CTC (ASTM D3467)

  • Butane Activity (ASTM D5742)

  • Benzene Activity (JIS K1474)

  • Methylene Blue (JIS K1474)

  • Iron Fe (JIS K1474)

  • Chloride ( JIS K1474)

  • Dust Content (BWT RUSSIA LPI B71712)

Standard Packaging

As standard our carbon is packed in 25kg small PP/paper bags and 500kg jumbo PP bags with sealed inner PE liner designed to maintain the product quality and prevent degradation under normal storage and handling conditions. Special packing as per customer requirement is also available on request.