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Welcome to Javacarbon Company

From our humble beginning in 2003, we had been doing procurement and carbonization projects for coconut shell, which leads us into becoming one of the biggest suppliers of coconut shell charcoal from Indonesia. Having a long-life direct access for such as green and renewable raw materials is highly considered as our tremendous asset. This is where we proudly discover our main motivation to build a coconut based activated carbon manufacturing plant directly from the raw material sources.

We perfectly understand the importance of coconut shell based activated carbon to help creating better quality water and air in the world for our greater future. More importantly, buying directly from the manufacturer is NO longer a merely option but it’s considered as a privileged necessity these days

Our Manufacturing plants

With our state of the art equipment, we can stably maintain our high quality standards from the start to…

100% pure coconut based

Coconut based activated carbon are well-known for high hardness and low ash & dust content.

On-site laboratory

Our in-house laboratory is specially designed and fully equipped for the testing of activated carbon products.

On-time delivery service

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver on time, right first time, every time.